Barney Family News 2004

"The BARNEY Family News," a quarterly publication from 1979 to 2009, of the Barney Family Historical Association (BFHA) covered the worldwide Barney family. "The Barney Family News 2004" contains compilations of four Barney Family Newsletters, #100-#103, each one illustrated and indexed.

#100 (Winter 2003-2004) is the Centennial issue. It covers Major Andrew Jackson Barney and descendants of Deacon Robert Barney.

#101 (Spring 2004) features Architect John Stewart Barney and the restoration of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia; "The Missing Link" of the Barney family of Greenup County, Kentucky; and the Barneys of Utah.

#102 (Summer 2004) features Edward BARNEY of Bradenham, England and Jacob BARNEY of Salem, Massachusetts.

#103 (Fall 2004) covers the 2004 Grave Dedication of CHARLES BARNEY (1783-1865), Utah Pioneer and Soldier of the War of 1812, and Black Hawk War of 1832. His history of 150 years ago is recounted, including his marriages to Mercy Yeoman, Deborah Riffle and their sixteen children.

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